Manhattan Sign on Bluemont Hill

Our club, along with members of FarmHouse Fraternity, has been maintaining the famous Manhattan sign for decades. The sign on top of Bluemont Hill is visible as visitors approach the city from the south. The little park surrounding the sign is a place almost everyone from Manhattan, and many of the students and families who have spent time at K-State, have visited to enjoy the spectacular views. Our project is to build an attractive and safe viewing platform that is handicapped accessible so that the park continues to be enjoyed for years to come. The project has been given a “go” by the city, so all we need is the funds.

Donations will be used to pay for the supplies and labor to build the platform and to beautify the surrounding area. We will be thankful for any amount you can give to help us make warm Manhattan memories! All donors who do not want to be anonymous will be listed in gratitude on our website.

Here’s a link to our GoFundMe campaign!

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