Kiwanis Pretzel Days October 6-7

This weekend in Manhattan KS we are holding our annual Pretzel Days! Yes, it used to be Peanut Days, and all we’ve changed is what we’re giving away. You’ll see us handing out little packages of pretzels at Dillons Grocery Stores, East and West today from 4-6 p.m. and Saturday morning from 8-noon. This is one of our two biggest fundraisers of the year, the other one coming up in December (our Kiwanis Pancake Feed and Silent Auction).

The way Pretzel Days work is that if you shop at Dillons East or West, we’ll be standing outside and we’ll offer you some pretzels. We aren’t selling them, we’re giving them away as a little gesture of community friendship. If you’d like to donate to our causes, we have cans you can plunk your change or your extra cash in–every little bit counts. We support a variety of youth-related causes here in town, including the Manhattan High School Key Club that helps young people become community-minded leaders, and KSU Circle K Club, which does the same. We provide Friendship Meals to Senior Citizens every week, and pick up food from local stores and restaurants to take to the community foodbank, the Breadbasket, once a week. We sponsor kids’ softball and baseball teams, and the list goes on!

Service clubs are a part of what makes a local community into a caring community in which people think about their civic responsibilities and take steps to care for those in need of support. They are–and we are–an institution in towns like Manhattan, KS. Come out to one of those Dillons stores today and say “hi!” and consider making a small donation to help us help Manhattan!

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