Why do Kiwanians Stand in Front of Stores Begging for Money?

Why local service clubs? Because when you support your local service club you’re saying “yes” to people in your community who want to help other people in your community. When we do enough of that, we need other entities less, namely government and big business. We become more self-supporting–and that means more free. All giving is a good thing, but the “value added” with local giving is that we are doing what we should be doing–taking care of our own community so someone else doesn’t have to. Imagine how things might be different if we consistently looked to our own community–each other–for support, and could count on a “yes.” In our small way, Kiwanis is trying to do just that. We would love for you to join us, and thank you for your donations this evening and tomorrow morning at Dillons East and West.

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