Zeandale Installation banquet

Outgoing Pres. Barbara Huston gives Harold Bailey the Kiwanian of the Year Award
Harold with his family
Bill Cool is recognized for his service.
Kent Foster is honored at Zeandale meeting.

Kat Gilbert is honored for her service.
Barbara Huston congratulates Carroll Hackbart for his many contributions to our community.
Diana Havenstein and her husband Steve were both honored.
Ken Johnson, good neighbor and Great Kiwanis service.
Laurie Johnson honored for Kiwanis service.
Long time Treasurer Rod Kalivoda receives a thank you for all his service.
Harry Manges, who survived Barbara’s driving and has done years of service.
Doug Tippin, whose contributions to service through Kiwanis include a good dose of history.
Vic Steiner, Treasurer, whose served at the state level as well.
New member Al St. Cyr welcomed to the club. Honorary member Jo call was inducted at Zeandale.
Lt. Gov. Schwartz presides to bring in our new President.
Thanks Barbara for a great year!
Our new Pres, Doug Meloan!

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